March 26, 2012
For Canadian Custody and Clearance clients

Class Action Notice

American Capital Ltd.

SECURITY NAME:American Capital Ltd.

CUSIP:American Capital Ltd. (ACAS)
024937104, 02503Y103


This Class Action Notice is being forwarded to you FOR INFORMATION ONLY.

Notice of pendency and proposed settlement of class action.

A hearing will be held on June 07, 2012 to determine whether the proposed settlement amount should be approved by the Court as fair, reasonable and adequate.

Class PeriodOctober 31, 2007, through November 07, 2008
Deadline for Filing a ClaimJuly 20, 2012
Lead Plaintiff DeadlineN/A
Litigation Company website or
Claims Administrator website

Please refer to RBC Investor & Treasury Services’ Class Action Notice Guidelines for more information on filing requirements. A sample Certification and Direction form is also available.

Important: This notice is for your information only. RBC Investor & Treasury Services is not responsible for determining the eligibility of past or current clients, nor will RBC Investor & Treasury Services take any steps to register a Client for any class action proceedings without being specifically directed by the Client or the Investment Manager to do so. It is the responsibility of the Client or Investment Manager to determine if they or their clients are eligible to participate in a particular class action.

An archive of Class Action Notices, searchable by date or keyword, is accessible on the Global Market Information site at, which also includes the Class Action Notice Guidelines and sample Certification and Direction form.

If you require additional information, please contact your RBC Investor & Treasury Services representative.

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